According to Thai Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, during the upcoming New Year festival, Thailand hopes to welcome about 195,825 tourists from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This represents a 137% increase compared to the previous year, generating total of 11.40 billion baht (US$320 million), up 157% over the same period last year.

The official notes that the positive tourism atmosphere can be attributed to favorable travel conditions, Thailand's visa waiver policy, and increased flight availability.

Among the Chinese tourists, it is anticipated that the majority, about 150,295 people, will come from China, marking a 335% increase from 2023.

Hong Kong is expected to contribute 22,830 tourists, while the number of tourists from Taiwan is predicted to reach 22,700.

Sudawan estimates that the average spending per Chinese tourist from these markets during the 2024 Lunar New Year celebration will be 58,236 baht per person per trip, reflecting an 8% increase from 2023.

Most of the spending will likely be concentrated in Bangkok, where Chinese tourists, especially from Hong Kong and Taiwan, tend to stay at high-end hotels.

TAT Governor Thapanee Kiatpaiboon predicted that the total revenue during the Lunar New Year celebration will reach 34.39 billion baht, 29% more than in 2023.

She asserted that international markets will contribute 28.39 billion baht, a 36% increase driven by an expected 34% growth in the number of foreign tourists to 995,000.

The revenue from domestic tourism is projected to be 6 billion baht, a 6% increase, driven by an expected 10% increase in the number of Thai domestic tourists to 2 million.