Thai police investigate theft in Pattaya hotel after Russian tourists reportedly lose $4,100

By Hoang Phong   January 10, 2023 | 11:22 pm PT
Thai police investigate theft in Pattaya hotel after Russian tourists reportedly lose $4,100
Tourists wade in a beach in Pattaya, Thailand. Photo by Reuters
Thailand police are investigating a theft at a Pattaya hotel following a complaint by two Russian men who claim they lost nearly 140,000 baht (US$4,184) that they had placed in the room safety deposit box.

The Russian men said they kept their money in the safety box of the hotel, which is near Khao Phra Tamnak, also known as Pattaya Hill, The Thaiger news portal reported.

The pair went out to explore tourist attractions in Pattaya but when they returned to the hotel, they discovered that some of their money was missing.

Police said they checked security cameras near the tourists’ room, but discovered that the cameras were broken.

Hotel staff informed the police that only a maid could get into guest rooms and that each maid insisted that they were innocent.

The case was considered "serious" as it destroyed the reputation of Pattaya, a famous tourist city in Thailand, Thai police added.

A sleepy beach town until the 1970s, the city started to swell during the Vietnam War when U.S. military members flocked there for rest and relaxation.

Despite its rising popularity among tourists, Pattaya is also notorious for its robberies and tourist scams.

Last week, a burglar snatched almost 100,000 baht from a Hong Kong tourist's rented villa.

In November, two thieves snatched belongings from Thai and Dutch tourists at a hotel in Pattaya.

Thailand has received an influx of Russian visitors, with data showing monthly arrivals doubling in November and up nearly seven times from September, Reuters reported.

This winter, Thailand is granting 45-day stays for tourists from Russia in an effort to revive its long-furloughed tourism industry.

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