Roller coaster collision leaves 28 tourists injured

By Hoang Vu    November 1, 2023 | 03:16 pm PT
Roller coaster collision leaves 28 tourists injured
A rollercoaster at Happy Valley Shenzhen theme park in China. Photo courtesy of the park
At least 28 tourists were injured after two roller coasters collided at a theme park in China’s Shenzhen City.

The collision happened late last week at Happy Valley Shenzhen, a popular theme park, when a roller coaster train carrying 22 people was making its way up the track but suddenly slid back and collided with another train whose passengers were exiting the ride, China Daily reported.

Eight injured people were transported to hospital, and 20 others received other forms of medical treatment over the weekend.

The ride in question, named the Snowy Eagle, is known as the theme park’s main attraction.

Following the accident, local authorities ordered Happy Valley Shenzhen to close for further investigations, South China Morning Post reported.

An official with Shenzhen’s Information Office said the cause of the accident was still under investigation.

Shenzhen Happy Valley opened for visitors in 1998.

The Snowy Eagle, which has been operating for 11 years, can reach a speed of 135 kph in two seconds, according to the theme park’s website.

Other roller coaster mishaps have been reported.

A rollercoaster at a theme park in South Korea suddenly stopped midair last week, leaving 22 tourists hanging upside down for 20 minutes.

Last June, a group of 11 tourists were left hanging upside-down on a rollercoaster after a power outage caused chaos at a theme park in China's Hebei Province.

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