Where to find ice cream with a twist in Hanoi?

By Phieu Linh   June 26, 2016 | 02:27 am PT
You want an ice cream for baking days? Let's go with us and we will ensure that you not only get your ice cream but you will also "scream" for the strange and delicious ones which have presented themselves in Hanoi's Old Quarter.

1. "Fish" ice cream

Don't worry, it tastes nothing like fish. The name just comes from its appearance.

The ice cream is held in a fish-shaped waffle cake, so Hanoiains call it fish ice cream.

It not only arrouses people's interest with its curious appearance, but also grabs them with the strange combination of yogurt and chocolate. It comes covered with peanuts or almonds.


Photo by diachianchoi.vn

To make it more special, a skewer of fruit is plugged into the ice cream.

If yogurt is not to your taste, you can choose to replace it with other flavors, such as green tea.

Cost about VND60,000 (nearly $3)

Tip: You can find the ice cream at Aboong Cafe, Dao Duy Tu, Hanoi

2. Milo ice cream

For those who are a fan of the Milo drink - chocolate and malt powder - this cheap ice cream will definitely satisfy you for only VND8,000 (nearly $0,5).

The ice cream has a thick layer of chocolate on top and a strong taste of cacao.


Photo by diadiemanuong.com

Tip: You can find this one at 60 Hang Hom, 41 Hang Manh and 448 De La Thanh. 

3. "Too-long" ice cream 


Photo by lozi.vn

This Japanese ice cream comes in three flavors: vanilla, green tea and chocolate.

You can choose two different flavorings in one ice cream.

This "long" ice cream only costs VND20,000 ($1).

Tip: You can find this one at Patice, 42C Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi.

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