Vietnamese dessert takes the edge of stifling summer heat

By Kim Thuy   May 19, 2016 | 02:37 am PT
Almond jelly with lychee (che khuc bach) has been a popular treat for food lovers as well as conquered menus of Hanoi, Saigon food stores. Its perfect balance of lychee, creamy jelly and almonds gives street food lovers a taste of summer.

Unlike other “che khuc bach” you can easily find in Saigon or Hanoi, Vietnam Master Chef champion (season 3) Nguyen Thanh Cuong reveals his simple secret to make it sweeter and fresher at a free cooking class for children: Watermelon.

Try making it at home to blow away the unpleasant heat of summer days with this simple recipe.



-Whipping cream

- 350ml fresh milk

- Fresh or canned lychee

- Sliced ​​almonds

- 10 leaves of gelatines

- Watermelon


Step 1: 

Put the gelatine leaves in cold water and wait for them to expand.


The chef introduces gelatine bars to kids.


Step 2: 

Add the gelatine to a cooking pot at between 45 and 60 Celsius.

When the gelatine starts to simmer, add 350ml (about two cups) of fresh milk and one cup of crème. Stir the mixture well and do not let it boil.

Turn off your stove once the mixture turns slightly viscous (between three and five minutes) and refrigerate for between 10 and 12 hours.


Step 3:

Run a paring knife along the edges and flip it onto a plate. You should put a bowl of ice under the mixture so that it does not melt.


Step 4:

Dice the lychee (fresh lichi preferable).


Step 5:

Toast the sliced almonds in a pan until golden brown. Shake the pan instead of stirring to keep the almond slices' shape.


Step 6:

Make some watermelon juice and add some sugar to make it sweeter.


Now you have all the elements of this amazing treat.

Take some ice, and a little watermemon juice, some gelatine and top with almonds.

You can also use bubble pearld (click here for the recipe) to add a delightful chewy taste. Now it is time to enjoy your sweet, fresh dessert.


Photo by VnExpress/Xavier Bourgois

Ingredients & facilities provided by Minh Oi Lounge, 37 Quang Trung Street, Hanoi 

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