Uninhabited island lures adventurers to Phu Yen

By Vi Yen   April 7, 2021 | 06:00 pm PT
Pristine Hon Nua Island, an off-the-beaten-track holiday destination in south-central Phu Yen Province, is gaining popularity among adventurous travelers.
In the south-central region, there are countless charming beaches and many attractive islands that will make visitors fall in love. Yet there is a place that not many people know about because of its geographical location, even though a paradise on the sea is waiting there to be explored, which is Hon Nua Island.

With scores of charming beaches and islands dotting the country's south-central region, few travelers know of gem-like Hon Nua Island.

Located not far from Vung Ro Bay, the pristine Hon Nua is one of the ideal destinations for beach lovers. From HCMC, you can take a bus or motorbike to Dai Lanh Beach in Khanh Hoa then go a little more to Vung Ro Bay and from here take a boat ride to the island for about VND250,000 per person for a round trip.

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a bus or motorbike to Dai Lanh Beach in Khanh Hoa Province, then travel a little further to Vung Ro Bay in Phu Yen, and from here hail a boat to the island for about VND250,000 ($11) per person for a round trip.

Hon Nua is uninhabited, so tourism services here are unavailable. It is suitable for short weekend trips. Therefore, visitors here are mainly backpackers or photography lovers who want to explore the island. The water in Hon Nua is so clear that you can see the moss under the water.

Hon Nua is uninhabited, and suited to short weekend trips.

The dry season, which lasts from about December to April, is an ideal time to come to Hon Nua. Sunshine, blue sea, clouds and sky harmonize together to create beautiful tropical scenery. The island has not been affected much by the human factor. People called this island the mini Maldives of the central region.

The dry season, from December to April, is an ideal time to visit Hon Nua, referred to as the mini Maldives of the central region.

You can spend a day on the island, enjoy immersing yourself in the clear blue water or trying to dive and catch sea urchins is also quite interesting. Hon Nua is a reasonable choice for those who are passionate about traveling but only have limited time or family and groups of friends who love discovering new places.

Visitors are suggested to spend a day on the island immersed in the clear blue waters, go diving or catch sea urchins.

The island is also quite ideal to watch the sunrise and sunset or simply just to live slower. The undulating rock rapids in Hon Nua are suitable places to take great photos.

The island offers fabulous views across the surrounding bays, especially at either dawn or dusk.

Currently, there is only seafood service on the rafts with simple dishes because there are no restaurants on the island. You can ask the boat owner to take you to the raft or buy fresh seafood on the island to make a barbeque. You can also camp overnight here, but just make sure that you are fully prepared and remember to clean up before leaving to keep the island pristine.

Those planning to spend a night barbequing and camping on the island could ask boat owners to pre-purchase fresh seafood from local fishermen.
All visitors are reminded to clean up after themselves to ensure Hon Nua remains its pristine self.

Photos by Truong Van Hoang, Quy Coc Tu

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