The beef ball soup at the heart of Saigon

By Phong Vinh   May 7, 2016 | 07:46 pm PT
Located in front of Le Hong Phong department (District 5), this soup stall has been feeding the city every day from noon to twilight for near 20 years.


For nearly 20 years, Tam Hoi stall has accumulated its reputation through the famous beef ball soup.

Beef ball is usually associated with watery noodle like ‘bun bo’ or afternoon junk food. Beef ball soup is itself a fusion dish derived on rice soup. Not many fusion dishes survive, and the 20 year existence proved that the beef ball soup belongs to this minority.

Beef ball soup, as the name goes, comprises of beef balls, usually two, and the rice soup. Paired with thin slices of ginger and pepper, the soup is available with other toppings such as boiled blood pieces, pig skin.


At VND25,000 ($1), the dish aims at mostly students, pupils, and street food fans.


To help diversify the menu, the stall offers another dish found anywhere: fresh spring rolls.

With a menu of only two dishes, one served hot, the other cold, the restaurant is must-try for those eager to have a taste of Saigon’s afternoon.


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