Resort offers sparkling yet serene start to the day

By Phat Dat   July 18, 2020 | 05:00 pm PT
Getting your day off to a good start is important even on a vacation. One resort seeks to ensure it is done in effervescent fashion.

The Salinda Boutique Resort on southern Vietnam's Phu Quoc Island has approached things differently to give guests that extra zing first thing in the morning.

First they serve their breakfast buffet with a breathtaking view of the Long Beach. Then, they add sparkle to the experience with a glass of bubbly. Appropriately named the "Sparkling Breakfast," this ensures that the first meal of the day does not get repetitive and boring, which happens quite often with buffets.

The one of its kind breakfast in Vietnam offers a free-flow of sparkling wine as well as an invitation for guests to make their own mimosa cocktail by combining it with freshly squeezed orange juice to toast a new day.

Tiny treats like these are essential if you are looking for the bespoke pampering component of your stay.

Tiny treats like these are essential if you are looking for the bespoke pampering component of your stay.

Adding to the fizz is the Sparkling Breakfast’s seasonal menu, which includes an appetizer station with a sushi corner, freshly made salads and organic vegetables for guests to mix with various homemade dressings, not to mention a wide selection of cheeses and cold cuts from western Europe.

Experience discerning chic sparkling breakfast on Phu Quoc - 2

An assortment of salad veggies and dressings as also a cheese and cold cuts platter presented attractively is part of the Sparkling Breakfast buffet at Salinda Boutique Resort.

The buffet also takes guests on a culinary journey through Vietnam, offering different authentic noodle soups like pho, banh canh, bun bo Hue, hu tieu and bun rieu while offering a hearty selection of hot comfort dishes like dim sum, congee, curated sausages, stir-fries and stews that changes on a daily basis.

Experience discerning chic sparkling breakfast on Phu Quoc - 3

Salinda’s Eggs Benedict (poached egg with fresh hollandaise sauce on home baked bread) is a great breakfast option.

The buffet spoils guests for choice – all kinds of breads, muesli, homemade and freshly baked Danish pastries, pancakes and waffles prepared a-la-minute, tropical jams home stewed with fresh fruit and more. Health-conscious guests can opt for a bowl of Greek yogurt mixed with homemade granola and a dash of natural honey dripping from an Australian honeycomb.

Melodious mornings

There is no better music to wake up to and get the day going than the sound of waves drenching the beach. It is a melody that washes all worries away.

Experience discerning chic sparkling breakfast on Phu Quoc - 4

Guests wake up to a freshly made breakfast accompanied by sense-awakening piano melodies.

Further supplementing this natural music are gentle melodies played live on a white grand piano, creating a hard-to-beat rejuvenating experience.

The soft blue interiors of the resort, designed to blend in, enhance and enrich the views of the oceanfront.

And as the morning sunlight caresses the garden, guests can breathe in the inviting aroma of freshly brewed Vietnamese or Italian coffee carried by the gentle sea breeze.

Until 31/10/2020, stay from 2 nights to experience an intimate dinner for two at either Italian, Indian or Vietnamese restaurant, free airport transfer, and Sparkling Breakfast.



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