Now's the best time to visit Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake, and here's why

By Ho Ha   March 14, 2018 | 01:17 am PT
You don’t have to wait till autumn for a spot of 'leaf-peeping' in Vietnam's capital.
For anyone who has not been familiar with leaf-peeping, it is simply to take a walk under the shady canopy and look up to admire the colorful moment when the foliage changes its color from the fresh greens to the yellows, reds and golds.

For anyone not familiar with leaf-peeping, it is simply taking a walk under a shady canopy and looking up to admire the foliage changing from fresh greens to yellows, reds and golds.

Leaves of freshwater mangroves, called loc vung in Vietnamese, around the citys beloved Sword Lake (aka Hoan Kiem Lake) are changing their color and the breath-taking scenery it creates is a should-not-miss.

The leaves on the freshwater mangroves (loc vung in Vietnamese) are changing around the city’s beloved Hoan Kiem Lake (aka Sword Lake), and the breathtaking scenery it creates is a must-see.

Every year local photographers eagerly waits for March the trees to capture the vibrant change sprinkling around the lake.

Local photographers are out in force at this time of year to capture the vibrant changes around the lake.

The leaves grow to the burning red colors before falling from the tress in just three or four days, making the rare moment more precious.

The leaves glow a burning red for just a few days before falling from the trees, making the moment even more precious.

The perfect blend of the colorful picturesque landscape and the weather in spring.

The perfect blend of a colorful landscape and the spring sunshine.

Hanoi has just been named as the best place to visit in March by Business Insider, and leaf-peeping around Hoan Kiem Lake was a reason that has been overlooked.

Hanoi has just been named one of the best places to visit in March by Business Insider, and leaf-peeping around Hoan Kiem Lake didn't even get a mention!

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