Nam Du Island- new paradise to discover

By Kim Thuy, Minh DucMarch 27, 2016 | 03:27 am PT
Nam Du Island, known as Vietnam's second Ha Long, has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years.

Located about 83 kilometers away from Rach Gia, Nam Du is the farthest outlying island of Kien Giang province. The  pristine island has 21 islets, 11 islets of which are inhabited, while the others remain completely untouched.

Imposing mountains emerge from the sparkling sea with splendid cliff faces, stunning beaches and green primeval forests, making Nam Du a must-see on a trip to Kin Giang.


Cu Tron, the biggest islet of Nam Du. 


Bai Chet- the main port of Cu Tron Islet.The islet has a small population with a numbers of foodstores and hotels for tourists.

Elsewhere there are no hotels or resorts, so homestays are recommended for tourists.


The most beautiful beach on Cu Tron Islet protected by the bay that makes it great for swimming.


The immense blue sea off Cu Tron.


Nam Du Island has about 10,000 residents who mainly work in the fishing and maritime sectors.


Hon Hai Dap. Tourists can go snorkeling and explore the island's most beautiful coral reefs.


Don't forget to make a stop at Hon Mau Islet, which is only 20 minutes from Rach Gia by boat. Hon Mau has two sandy beaches, three rock beaches and a fishing village


The most ideal time to visit Nam Du is between December and March when the weather is excellent and the sea is calm.


Hon Dau is covered in forest, and tourists can go fishing and camping here.


A wide range of delicious seafood.



Map from Rach Gia to Nam Du

Some tips:

1. Prepare for sea food! Tourists should bring other food with them because prices a higher due to transportation costs.

2. Use water wisely. Do not waste it especially when you are in a homestay because fresh water is precious there. 

3. You can hire a boat or motorbike to explore the island. Tourists can also hire fishing boats to cast their luck. 

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