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Kien Giang’s pristine Hon Mau fishing island

By Hong Ha, Di Vy   February 17, 2019 | 05:14 pm PT
Visitors to the village have a good time hanging out with the genial fishermen and enjoying fresh seafood.
Kien Giangs pristine Hon Mau fishing island

Hon Mau is one of the 21 islands in the Nam Du Archipelago (Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province, southern Vietnam), about 90 km from the mainland. It is dubbed "raw pearl" because of its pristine landscape that has almost not been touched by tourism.

The 200-hectare island is populated by 120 families. Most of them live on fishing. Visitors who come here are met by the warmth and geniality of the fishermen. More often than not, you will find yourselves wandering along the narrow streets around the center, where the fishermen's houses are.

Early morning is a busy time for the village as the fishing boats return to shore with all kinds of seafood.  Visitors can take a boat from Rach Gia, the capital city of Kien Giang Province, on the mainland to the big island in Nam Du and then continue to sail to Hon Mau. There are two or three regular services available every day, with a trip taking about 30 minutes.

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A new day begins with older people, women and children sorting the boats' catch. Another group will remove, clean and patch the nets to prepare for the next fishing trip.

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A few others will begin to dry fish by laying them along the water. The coastal sun and wind give the dried fish a signature taste. Visitors can also chat with the fishermen to learn about their work and choose between different types of seafood.

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Don't forget to explore the beaches that are named for the wind seasons. Chuong beach, with its stunning white sand and immense blue waters, is considered by many visitors as the most beautiful in Hon Mau. Nom beach on the other hand attracts tourists with its long rows of green coconut trees that dance in the wind.

Bac beach (also known as Black Stone beach) has an untouched appearance with the waves hitting the rocks of various sizes on the beach. Nam beach in the front of Hon Mau is a residential area.

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Seafood stalls in residential areas are also an option for those who like to shop at the market.

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All of the seafood on the island is fresh.

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You can ask the locals to cook the seafood for you or organize a barbecue party on your own.

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After having learnt about the people in the village, visitors can visit the whale worship place that is associated with many intriguing stories. A whale bone weighing many tons is placed in the middle of the altar.

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The worship place is located right next to the sea, where the children of the village often gather around to play.

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