Flower farmers’ dazzling trick to regulate growth

By Huynh Phuong   December 15, 2019 | 11:09 pm PT
At Da Le Chanh village in Thua Thien Hue Province, a flower farm is lit up at night to regulate the plants' growth rate.
The garden dazzles at night thanks to row of lights coming from thousands of lightbulbs that were hung up by owners living near by. 

The farm in the central province dazzles at night as if to welcome the Lunar New Year. 

Nguyen Phong, the Hue photgrapher who took these photos, said he lighting system of the daisy garden reminds him of glowing stars in the night sky.

Nguyen Phong, a Hue photographer who took the photos, likened the lights in the daisy farm to the stars glowing in the night sky.

There are 20 householdsin the village earn their living off growing flowers, mainly daisy. Each family has between 400-800 pots to supply to be ready for Tet (Lunar New Year).

There are 20 households in the village earning a living by growing flowers, mainly daisies. Each family is tending 400-800 pots, which they hope to sell during Tet, the Lunar New Year holiday, at the end of January.

When the seeds grow for 20 days, farmers must regularly water, fertilize, and add enough light for the plants to grow. Locals use the light to control the plants growth rate.

Twenty days after they plant the seeds farmers must regularly water and fertilize them and install the lights.

Lien, a local farmer, uses bamboo sticks to help the daisy flower grows straighter.

Lien, a farmer, uses bamboo sticks to ensure the plants grow straight.

Meanwhile, Liens husband is busy stacking up the flower pots in rows where they will be continued to be cared for. 

Meanwhile, her husband is busy stacking up the flower pots in rows. 

The bloomed daisy are put in seperate areas to be water and taken care off differently. 

The daisy plants that have blossomed are placed in separate areas to be watered and taken care of differently. 

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