Da Lat's off-road milestone for coffee lovers

By Phong Vinh   June 6, 2016 | 04:29 am PT
Once upon a time, Da Lat stole the heart of one Hanoian. Since then, this highland city has kept him under its bitter-sweet spell called coffee. 

Phong Coffee sits on the slope of Tran Nhan Tong Street, with its Vietnamese name painted on a life-size milestone. On the other side is written "0 kilometer", boldly implying this is the start of Da Lat, despite the cafe's recent appearance.


All the colorful furniture was hand-selected by the Hanoian owner, who once shared that: “I don’t know what brought me to Da Lat, but the first time I was here, I knew that I would stay with it.”


A corner filled with half-assembled motorbikes and guitars, a vehicle and an instrument that are no strangers to backpackers.


Hovering bikes help keep the nostalgia of the mountainous city afloat.


A colorful bar suggests a diverse menu.

Quán cà phê bụi bặm cho dân phượt ở Đà Lạt


The walls are a graphic diary of the owner where every memory of places he has visited finds itself between bookshelves.


Customers here are mostly regulars who love the vibe, but young travelers attracted by the local scene also stop by to check it out.


This stage has heard many voices during live shows.


Old-school cameras have also found a home in Phong Coffee, unofficially turning the cafe into a hub for photographers.


The farther you travel south, the more popular white iced coffee (‘ca phe sua da’) becomes.

Quán cà phê bụi bặm cho dân phượt ở Đà Lạt

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