Autumn favorite transformed into tasty beverage

By Vy Dan Tran   May 11, 2016 | 06:11 pm PT
Toasted green rice, or 'com', is a familiar flavor to generations of both Hanoians and foreigners who have visited the capital, but now one cafe has given it a new twist: they've turned it into a drink.


'Nuoc com' 

Every Hanoian knows the nostalgic flavor of 'com', toasted sticky green rice. This delicacy can be eaten on its own, served with bananas and made into rice cakes or even ice cream. Yet, no one had ever thought of making it into a drink - until now. The downside is they lose their attractive appearance and striking green colour, yet what we gain is a concentrated flavour - the pure taste of one of Hanoi’s most beloved autumn-time snacks.


The original form of cốm

Quang Vu, one of the owners of Genie Fruit, the shop that has pioneered the drink, said: “Using the best 'com' and mung beans, the unique recipe of 'nuoc com' aims to bring out the most authentic flavors of traditional Vietnamese delicacies such as 'banh com' (green rice cakes) and 'che com' (green rice pudding). These are flavours that many Hanoians miss because they used to be so popular.”


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