Aussie travel blogger in CNN ad names Ha Long, Hoi An her Vietnam favorites

By Pham Huyen   March 18, 2017 | 10:30 am PT
Aussie travel blogger in CNN ad names Ha Long, Hoi An her Vietnam favorites
A road in Hoi An in central Vietnam. Photo by VnExpress/Cao Anh Tuan
‘We loved them so much we can’t wait to go back.’

Australian travel blogger Phoebe Lee, who recently took global viewers through Hanoi in two CNN commercials, said she loves Vietnam's welcoming culture and will be back for more.

Lee has become a familiar face to many people in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi, after appearing in two CNN videos this week, taking global viewers through some of the best places in the 1,000-year-old capital. The 30-second videos are part of a $2 million tourism promotion deal between the city and the American television network.

She said she had visited Ha Long Bay and the central ancient town of Hoi An, two the most popular places in Vietnam, with her husband Matt, a videographer.

“We loved them so much we can’t wait to go back,” she said in an exclusive interview with VnExpress.

Lee said she would also love to see more of Vietnam’s Central Highlands and explore the jungle up there.

She said the most impressive thing about Vietnam is its “genuinely lovely” people.

“The locals are inclusive, they really want you to experience Vietnam and they’re so happy to share it with you and talk to you. I’ll never forget the warm smiles and kindness I’ve experienced in Vietnam.”

She also praised Vietnam for making efforts to create more opportunities for people to experience its culture, like the walking street that's open every weekend around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Her travel blog, Little Grey Box, narrates her experiences in Vietnam, providing dining and travel advice for first-time visitors, including instructions for surviving the buzzing traffic in Hanoi.

Lee left her office job and started traveling as a professional more than three years ago, when she was 26.

“I love experiencing a culture I had never encountered before and seeing new things,” she said.

Traveling has changed a lot about her, she said.

“I’m now very confident and know what I’m capable of achieving. Traveling gave me a lot of knowledge, experience and perspective that I’m very grateful for.”

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