Overcrowding leaves tourists stuck on China cliff for over an hour

By Ha Nguyen   May 9, 2024 | 02:15 am PT
Visitors were recently stuck on a cliffside in China's Yandang Mountain for more than one hour, raising overcrowding concerns among netizens.

During the recent China's Labor Day holiday that wrapped up on Sunday, a group of people climbing the mountain in Zhejiang Province were trapped partway up the cliff as they waited for others to move along a via ferrata, CNN reported.

The via ferrata is a protected climbing route that uses iron handrails and stairs to build rock planks, allowing tourists to climb along steep rock walls.

A video of the tourists lining up along the via ferrata captured by a climber was shared on Xiaohongshu, one of China’s largest social media channels, triggering online attention.

A video shared on Xiaohongshu captures the scene of tourists lining up on China’s Yandang Mountain.

"It is a terrifying sight. How could they be brave enough to climb up there?" a netizen wrote on Xiaohongshu.

"Too dangerous! It's unimaginable that they could stand up there for more than an hour," another wrote.

Wenzhou Dingcheng Sports Development Company, which manages the climbing route, said in a statement it had not foreseen the number of visitors flocking to the mountain during the holiday.

After the incident, the company temporarily stopped selling tickets to deploy a system to control the number of people in the future.

Yandang Mountain is 1,150 meters high and is known for its natural environment, arising from its vertical rock faces and pinnacles, mountain slopes with forests and bamboo groves, streams, waterfalls and caves.

The area also hosts several temples and shrines.

Many popular tourist hotspots worldwide, such as Mount Everest and Mount Fuji, have been struggling with overcrowding, prompting authorities to take measures to limit crowds.

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