Chinese tourists almost drown after falling asleep on beach

By Hoang Vu   April 15, 2024 | 12:32 am PT
Chinese tourists almost drown after falling asleep on beach
People walk at a tourism site in Qianmen street, Beijing, China, March 14, 2023. Photo by Reuters
A Chinese couple fell asleep on a rocky beach in Shandong province's Qingdao and when they woke up, they found their surroundings had been submerged in water by rising tide.

In early April, Shibaote Rescue Center on the west coast of Shandong received a call for help from a Chinese couple, Sina News reported.

When rescue workers arrived, they discovered the tourists stuck on a rock near Lianshan Island.

At that time, the water had risen so high, the couple had no way to go back to shore, Peninsula Metropolis Daily reported.

Around the rocks, the water rose very high so five rescue staff had to push a lifeboat to the location where they were trapped.

The couple said they had come to Qingdao to travel. Seeing the beautiful rock, the couple climbed up to take pictures and then fell asleep.

When they awoke, they were frightened because the tide was so high.

The location was at the edge of a reef, so the couple did not know how deep the water was.

The incident was shared on Weibo, China's largest social media channel, drawing attention of many netizens.

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