Bali sets up task force to deal with law-breaking tourists

By Hoang Vu   July 25, 2023 | 03:00 am PT
Bali sets up task force to deal with law-breaking tourists
Tourists return from surfing at Kuta beach in Bali Island, Indonesia, February 2020. Photo by AFP
Authorities in Indonesia have launched a new task force in Bali that will crack down on badly-behaved foreigners on the island to restore its tourism reputation.

The task force will be responsible for carrying out 100 immigration control operations every month in which violators could face fines and deportation orders, The Bali Sun reported.

Silmy Karim, Indonesia's Director General of Immigration, said these crackdowns will be conducted in such a way that tourism will not be disturbed.

The move was part of Indonesia authorities' efforts to promote high-quality tourism and reduce the number of low-spending tourists in Bali Island.

Bali, famous for its long beaches, turquoise waters and ancient temples, is hoping to receive 4.5 million international arrivals this year, in addition to 9 million domestic travelers.

However, the island's tourism reputation has already been spoiled after some tourists were found posing naked for photos at sacred sites, driving motorbikes without helmets, and committing crimes.

Southeast Asia's largest economy has stopped the visa-free entry citizens of 159 countries and territories outside ASEAN amid concerns about "disruption of public order and potential transmission of diseases."

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