World Cup 2018: ‘Will find a way,’ shops in Vietnam say

By Anh Tu   June 7, 2018 | 04:09 am PT
World Cup 2018: ‘Will find a way,’ shops in Vietnam say
Vietnam remains the last country without World Cup 2018 broadcasting right. Photo by Reuters
Venues hoping to cash in are anxious but determined to show games even if VTV fails to buy broadcasting rights.

Legions of fans are not the only ones upset that Vietnam is the only country yet to obtain 2018 World Cup broadcasting rights.

Many businesses like restaurants, coffee shops and bars have been hoping for a bonanza from the “eat with soccer, sleep with soccer” season.

VnExpress spoke to a few local businesses about their concerns, hopes and plans. The World Cup kicks off on June 14, just a week from today, with the first match to feature hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. The final will be held on July 15.

Viet Son, a restaurant owner in Hanoi, said he has prepared lots of sales promotions and hopes some station or the other will buy the broadcasting rights.

But “we have not (yet) asked staff to work overtime or hired temporary staff…” because he was waiting to know if they will be able to show the matches, Son said.

Son said that the World Cup season was a chance for businesses to thrive and it would be very sad for restaurants to miss out on this golden opportunity.

“During the Brazil World Cup four years ago, my restaurant earned VND30-40 million ($1,300-1,750) each night.”

Minh Hanh, owner of a small beer shop on Tran Thai Tong Street in Saigon, said TV-projector businesses visited her shop often to promote their VND300,000 projector/night deal. However, she has not agreed to any of them yet.

Tuan Nguyen, owner of several beer venues in Hanoi, said that he would find a way to watch the World Cup no matter what.

He said he had already set overtime schedule for staff and doubled the number of TVs and projectors across his shops.

Sharing this determination was Van Dung, a coffee shop owner in Hanoi, He said he’d already purchased a VND20 million projector and would find a way to watch the World Cup, being held in Russia this year.

“My shop would be crowded with customers if I am the only one that can broadcast the World Cup. No matter how much it costs, I would definitely buy it.”

Neither Nguyen nor Dung elaborated on their alternative plans to somehow see and show the World Cup matches.

As of noon Thursday, VTV, the national broadcaster, was saying it has not reached a deal to purchase broadcasting rights for World Cup 2018.

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