When Adele and Sam Smith break into the cool world of Saigon typography

By Nhung Nguyen   February 20, 2017 | 12:35 am PT
They say art is everywhere. This artist/fanboy has proved it.

Saigon streets have always been a paradise of cool typographies.

Maxk Nguyen, a Ho Chi Minh City-based artist, saw a cool sign one day at a cheap sidewalk eatery selling various types of boiled eggs, including the embryo balut (which is not for the faint of heart).

“And I played a good 30 minutes with this cool font,” he said, noting that the vendor designed the original sign herself.

“If the lady had had a chance to learn Photoshop, she must have been a master in our typography world,” Nguyen said.

Check the results below to see what would happen when an artist gives a superstar treatment to the Saigon font. (Or giving superstars a Saigon street treatment?)

And the results are amazing!


Photos courtesy of Maxk Nguyen


Rhi Rhi looks sassy as always


Wonder what Big Bang’s G-Dragon would think of the new crown.


A new album cover for Pharrell?


Miley Cyrus and her famous pose


The queen of pop is royal.


Sam Smith seems a bit more moody than usual. 


CL, a K-pop star, should seriously think about this design?

So far the series has been a hit on Facebook.

Fun fact: Nguyen said he did buy a lot of eggs from the lady.

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