Workshop: Uncial Calligraphy

July 19, 2017 | 04:34 pm GMT+7
Opening: 06:30 pm, Fri 21 Jul 2017
Go back in time with a taste of ancient script. 

Uncial Script is one of the very early scripts from around the second or third centuries AD, and is a widely used typeface for solemn texts such as the Bible. Uncial brings a classic feel of ancient times when people used to copy precious books by hand.

The workshop will cover uncial calligraphy from the very basics, such as the sitting posture to materials, and last but not least, a lot of writing practice.

To prepare before workshop: 

  • Speedball C-2 nib or TAPE 3 nib
  • Higgins Eternals ink
  • Hachiko paper 

Register for the workshop here.

Workshop fee: VND 850,000 ($37)

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