The Orchestra: Presented by Banh Mi Productions

May 17, 2017 | 08:12 pm GMT+7
Opening: 07:30 pm, Thu 18 May 2017

A physical theater performance dedicated to the late Matthew James, depicting the struggles of loss.


The performance aims to open up a conversation, through movement and monologue, to break down the barriers that stop us from seeking help and helping others in their time of need.

The piece will deal with the issues of grief and loss in the modern world and the evolution of grief.

How we used to grieve as a community, as a tribe, and how we now grieve in isolation, unable to express our emotions of loss. It will challenge us to speak about death.

"The time when we feel most human is when we revert back to our most innate senses. The discomfort we feel on a daily basis is the confusion of change and how it opposes what we are predetermined to want and to need."

**Performances start at 9 p.m. sharp.**

Please take seats your seats by 8.30 p.m. to make sure you get the best view.

Each performance will also feature music by:

Thursday 18: DJ BlipBlop, Hanoi De Ska y? & Samraz

Friday 19: DJ Matty C, David Fryer & The Great Apes, Ian Payton & Zamina

Entry fee:  VND150,000 ($6.6) at door.

All proceeds from the performance will be going to TET Shoeboxes' new project: "Summer Phao Fund." TET Shoeboxes is providing the people of Phao Village with essentials to survive Hanoi's summer heat.

For more information about their cause please visit:

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