Talk: The Story of a Transgender Vietnamese

September 21, 2017 | 10:03 am GMT+7
Talk: The Story of a Transgender Vietnamese
Opening: 05:00 pm, Thu 21 Sep 2017

On recognizing gender identity as a child.

(From the U.S. Consulate General)

Come to hear about the story of a Vietnamese transgender girl from Ho Chi Minh City, Jessica. In her late twenties, Jessica has gone through a lot to be who she is today. The discussion will focus on major events from her life: recognizing her own gender identity as a child, enduring family violence and school bullying, experiencing intimate feelings true to her sexual orientation, and undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Joining Jessica in the panel discussion is celebrity actress Kim Khanh, who is working on a film project to capture the life of Jessica for the silver screen. The program will be conducted in Vietnamese.

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