Saigon Underground Festival 2017

May 17, 2017 | 08:10 pm GMT+7
Opening: 09:00 am, Sat 20 May 2017
Exclusive underground festival in Saigon with Indie film screening, art exhibits, music performances and a flea market.

Saigon Underground Festival 2017 (SUF 2017) is the first underground festival in Vietnam. Coming to Saigon in 2017, SUF offers a wide range of entertainment activities for hungry creatives, aspiring artist-to-bes and anyone in between. For 2 days in May, watch your artistic voyage unfolds at the all-in-one festival.


1. Exclusive Indie film screenings

Over 40 independent movies will be shown at SUF to feed your curiosity and dying love for arts. Aiming to support risk-taking storytellers worldwide, the festival is a chance for like-minded creatives to be inspired and even better, be an inspiration to others. SUF's high-class facility will take you on your desired emotional and visual journey within seconds!

2. Art exhibition

In partnership with the prestigious ADC academy, SUF proudly presents a unique collection of works by professionals and aspiring artists - the creative feast you’ve been longing for.

3. Music performances

No party is complete without some catchy jams. SUF will feature emerging talents from all musical genres and celebrate the climax of all art forms by giving a voice to creatives of all stripes. Time to put on your dancing shoes and shake off your worries!

4. Flea Market

SUF's handicraft flea market brings you profound insight into Vietnamese arts and crafts. From traditional tribal art to contemporary embroidery, this flea market is your chance to discover local art history at the forefront of creativity.

VND150,000 ($6.6)

For bookings, please visit here

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