NON contemporary dance: Conical hat

July 14, 2016 | 11:22 pm PT
Opening: 08:00 pm, Thu 21 Jul 2016


'NON' (conical hat) is a blend of sound, body language, music and a mixture of traditional icons: sticky green rice cake 'banh chung', sticky rice cake 'banh day', the conical hat and Vietnam's traditional costume 'ao dai'. NON endeavors to vocalize the Vietnamese people’s character, original culture, and struggle to adapt in the wake of globalization while referencing the universal loneliness of modern culture.


The staging of NON employs these basic geometrical forms reinterpreted for a contemporary art audience, with sparse staging and highly-focused lighting. The question posed by the performance is that concerning the very identity of the Vietnamese people in the modern world, a country that emerged victorious from wars against the world’s superpowers only to be left shouldering the burden of lifting their nation to the international stage on its own. It is this concern that compels the two artists to explore the challenging middle ground between traditional and contemporary art in order to seek the point between the agrarian cultures of their birth and that of the refined artistic abstractions of European tradition.


Through the use of traditional Vietnamese music performed live with traditional instruments and the international language of contemporary dance, the two artists wish to communicate their views about human love, about life, and about Vietnamese culture in combining the melodic flow with riveting movements of the body in a characteristically Vietnamese space, highlighted further by the geometry of cone, circle, and square and recalling the dress and cuisine of Vietnam – promising a unique experience for the modern audience.

Ticket prices: VND300,000 for central seats and VND250,000 for side seats.
Tickets are available online here.

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