Mental Health Workshop: Wintercearig

September 5, 2017 | 07:44 pm PT
Opening: 06:30 pm, Thu 21 Sep 2017
Anxiety and depression through performances, artworks and talks.

From the organizer:

With low numbers of mental health professionals in Vietnam and limited access to up to date education, many individuals with mental health issues in Vietnam are unable to access proper care. With collaboration between science and the arts, we can connect and guide the community here in Vietnam about these mental health issues. Through performances, artworks by Vietnamese artist Nguyen Ngoc Dan, workshops and talks about mental health by Ethos Asia, this important information and guidance about this serious issue can be made accessible. At this event, we will be focusing on two of the most common issues: anxiety & depression. 

We will be collaborating with Goethe-Institut for their annual dance festival “Europe meets Asia in Contemporary Dance” this year. The festival, which promotes contemporary dance in Vietnam, bring ideas and realities together to understand more about the inner world of human nature nowaday. This is an initiative of the network of European Cultural Institutes and Embassies in Hanoi (EUNIC).

Free entry

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