Mandala & Sacred Geometry Workshop

October 29, 2017 | 07:26 pm PT
Opening: 06:00 pm, Wed 01 Nov 2017
We’ve all seen beautiful pictures of mandalas and sacred geometry - but what do they mean, what’s their purpose and how can you create your own?

From the organizer

Mandalas, along with many other sacred forms, have a rich history of representing the natural, physical and spiritual world and are often used as tools for meditation and discovery. Beyond their mesmerising beauty, there is much more to these awe inspiring artworks than meets the eye!

Come and find out more at a 2 hour workshop every Wednesday at Saigon Outcast with English artist Rae Smith aka The Witch, whose murals and artworks can be seen all around London, Saigon, India and Europe, as well as in her own clothing brand Hapi Cult.

Through an exploration of pattern making, symmetry and geometric shapes, you’ll delve into the history and meaning of mandalas, sacred geometry and yantras and learn how to create your own beautiful and meaningful artworks that can be used for meditation and healing or just for fun!

Each week we’ll be exploring something new, developing our artistic skills and creating something truly unique that can be taken home … with mandalas and sacred geometry, the possibilities are endless and you can keep developing them in any way you choose!

Tickets: VND250k (all materials provided)

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