Live Concert: 'Breaking Dawn' by Hoang Rob

December 14, 2016 | 07:35 pm PT
Opening: 06:00 pm, Sun 18 Dec 2016
When jazz and pop intertwine with violin. 


Live concert "Breaking Dawn" features songs with distilled emotions from life of the young artist, expressed in the language of violin combined with modern musical material such as World Music, Pop and EDM. 

Hoang Rob was born in 1991. He is the first independent violin artist in Vietnam. Since he was 16, instead of focusing on classical music, he pursued diverse music genres such as jazz and pop to discover himself and to bring new taste to the music scene. Rob's violin work escapes rigid framework and pioneers Vietnam's modern violin style. He is the founder, leader of GEN9 - the first medley band in Vietnam to follow the style of BOND.

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