Hanoi Talks: Sounds that make a city

July 24, 2017 | 08:07 pm PT
Opening: 05:30 pm, Thu 27 Jul 2017
The latest presentation based on topics that influence or are influenced by architecture.

For the sixth Hanoi Talks presentation, group8asia invites Myriem Alnet who will present a collaborative project with artist Georgia Golebiowski:

"From experiments in Taipei and Saigon, I want to introduce my latest project that looks at one aspect of the 'sensible city' – its audible identity – and highlights the importance of nurturing a richness and diversity of sounds in order for citizens to live pleasantly. This project stems from a collaboration with Saigon-based British artist Georgia Golebiowski."

Myriem Alnet is an urban designer and cultural entrepreneur based in Ho Chi Minh City. With a background in international development, she nurtured her first interests for urban issues in the Mediterranean from where she then jumped to Southeast Asia. Myriem is also founder of An Ordinary City, an independent initiative based in Ho Chi Minh City aimed at sharing knowledge about cities through cultural action.

After-event drinks: 18:30-19:30. Free admission. 

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