Exhibition: Saigon in Three Square Meters

July 2, 2017 | 08:04 pm PT
Opening: 10:00 am, Fri 07 Jul 2017
See the cute, pocket-size versions of Saigon

An advertisement sign painter. Photo courtesy of  Saigon in Three Square Meters team.

Maxk Nguyen and his talented team spent two months compressing the vanishing scenes of city life into sketches of small corners.

In an attempt to preserve the dearest memories of Saigon, the 10-member group of illustrators and typographers created a series of pocket-size versions of Saigon in the 1990s: a video rental store, a barber shop, a sign painter, a bike mechanic.

If you want to know what we miss from the old days, join Maxk Nguyen and his team this weekend. 

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