Documentary screening: “Work hard, Play hard”

August 31, 2016 | 07:52 pm PT
Opening: 07:00 pm, Wed 07 Sep 2016
Goethe-Institut Hanoi


The Documentary “Work Hard — Play Hard” provides an unusual insight into the organizational structure of numerous companies and exposes the basic concept of modern working environment. The desire to maximize profits and gain unlimited economic growth has led to the so-called “Human Resource Management”. Perfect offices without usual office characteristics and a workplace that isn’t considered as a workplace anymore but rather perceived as a leisure center are supposed to optimize the employee’s work performance.

After detailed research director Carmen Losmann shows in her debut feature film how boundaries between work and privacy slowly disappear and offers an outlook on the future of work in times of postindustrial service economy.

Producer Erik Winker introduces the film and talks to the audience.

German with English and Vietnamese subtitles

Free admission

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