Dance Workshops: Molting

March 24, 2017 | 07:33 pm PT
Enrich your body language through a conversation with people and objects.

From Kinergie Studio:

All things breathe, move and vibrate in their own special way. Humans are no exception. Each person’s walk is like his/her own fingerprint, unique and one of a kind. Everyone has their own way of moving; that’s the innate vocabulary of our bodies, the physical language.

However, if we don’t work on our language or if we forget to expand and update our vocabulary, our expressions will become dull and shallow. What used to make us special are now nothing more than habits, limitations and invisible boundaries that imprison us.

With the Molting workshop series, we will explore the movements around us and together enrich our body language through conversations with other people and objects. We will learn how to walk as one entity, breathe with a piece of fabric and how to tell a story with paper. And lastly, we will learn to extend our lives and personalities to masks and dance with puppets.

The Journey

We greet each other in this journey as friends and companions brought together by the universe. We can walk this road together from beginning to end; or maybe we can meet in the middle or even just the end. But no matter what path you might take, I hope our time together will always be full of joy and exciting adventures.

– Session 1: Exploring your and others’ movements
– Session 2: Moving with Objects, Materials
– Session 3: Characters Building and Moving with Masks
– Session 4: Breathe life into puppets and tell stories through collective performance.

At the end of session 4, together we will perform and share the works that we’ve created together through this journey. Should the participants want to, they can invite a friend to come see.

Time: Session 1 (18/3), Session 2 (19/3), Session 3 (25/3), Session 4 (26/3)


After the workshop, the participants will

Be more able to
• reconnect with self and others
• understand the dynamic nature of the being
• rediscover authenticity in interpersonal communication
• use natural spontaneity
• express thoughts and feelings creatively

• understood
• comfortable exploring new communication, movement methods
• more connected with self and others, emotionally and physically
• joyful

The facilitator

Linh Pham is an interdisciplinary artist and a Sarah Lawrence College alum. She is a director, a puppeteer, a builder, a projection designer and a teacher, who strongly believes in movement-based works and the power of dancing. Her recent works include: Molting (CPR- Brooklyn), Rice (Dixon Place, Manhattan), and Dynamo (The Brick, Brooklyn). She has collaborated with dance/movement therapist, Minh Bui, on two performing arts projects which combined contact/ movement/ dance improv with music: Dreamer’s café and HOME (CMDE, NJ). She also has experience teaching at public schools and correctional facilities in New York.

Fee: 480K/4 sessions – drop in: 150K/session

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Follow updates on event pages of session 1, 2 and session 3, 4

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