Dance Performance and Workshop Series: Yotam Peled

December 4, 2016 | 08:27 pm PT
Opening: 07:30 pm, Tue 06 Dec 2016
The journey of a wandering soul and more.

From contemporary dance mixed with acrobatics to martial-arts based movements and contact-impro, Yotam Peled invites you on a surprising adventure.


December 6: Wish me Luck/Performance & Art talk with artist

“‘Wish me Luck’ is a solo performance of a wandering soul. As we go on adventures, things might occur to us, to take us off track, make us stop and wonder, and then continue. To those who will encounter me on the path – I ask you to wish me luck.”

December 7: Workshop – Soft acrobatics/floorwork technique

We will find ways to approach difficult movements with ease and the proper tools to make our energy soft and effective. We will play with different dynamiques and qualities.

December 8: Workshop – Improvisation, creation & contact

From guided movement exercises to teach us to use different parts of our body, the space around us and each other, to games of group composition and instant creation. The session will be accompanied by technical tools to work with a partner as well, and will end with a free contact-impro session in which we will use, hopefully, all we have practiced.

Participation Fee: VND200,000 ($8.8)/session; VND540,000 ($22)/3 sessions

For registration, click here.

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