Dance Festival: Hanoi All in One

December 13, 2016 | 06:57 pm PT
Opening: 01:00 pm, Wed 14 Dec 2016
Join Hanoi battleground with two world-famous German choreographers.

Hanoi All in One festival marks the fifth anniversary of S.I.N.E - Hanoi's rising bboy crew with dance workshops, competitions and talks with hiphop artists from all over the world. Joining Vietnamese dancers at Hanoi All in One are two world-famous German bboy and choreographer - Storm Robitzky and Majid Kessab.


Niels “Storm” Robitzky

Niels “Storm” Robitzky is a renowned choreographer and b-boy from “Battle Squad” crew - one of the leading b-boy groups worldwide. In 1992 he became b-boy world champion. In 1996, he opened a dance academy in Berlin and was touring the whole world. Until today, he is working within the field of theater, performance and dance.


Majid “Magilla” Kessab

As a choreographer and dancer, Majid “Magilla” Kessab particularly focuses on New Style. He has hosted a large number of international workshops, won numerous dancing awards and battles and worked as a member of jury committees. In 2014, he won the TV competition “Got to dance” and became hip-hop world champion (Juste Debout).

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Free admission

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