Vietnamese resort town Hoi An tells bars to tone it down, close by midnight

By Vy An   February 26, 2018 | 11:55 pm PT
Vietnamese resort town Hoi An tells bars to tone it down, close by midnight
Bars and stores light up Hoi An downtown at night. Photo by Tran Viet Anh
An entertainment hub away from the town center is in the planning to cater for late-night revelers.

Authorities in Hoi An have threatened to shut down noisy bars and those that violate the midnight curfew to stop them from disturbing the peaceful town on Vietnam's central coast.

Bars and restaurants in town have been staying open too late and making too much noise, which has “complicated” security in the area, said Nguyen Van Son, vice chairman of Hoi An, one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Son has ordered all venues to close by midnight and lower the volume to a maximum of 50 decibels, the level of a normal conservation, after 10 p.m., while keeping their businesses off the sidewalks.

“There will be no exceptions,” he said.

He also asked them to ensure travel safety for drunk customers.

Hoi An has around 100 bars on Nguyen Phuc Chu, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tran Phu and Phan Boi Chau streets.

Son said that authorities are planning an entertainment hub away from the town center, hinting that the regulations could be relaxed there.

Once a bustling trade port, Hoi An is now one of the most peaceful towns in the country, drawing tourists to its picturesque wooden houses, pagodas, street-side eateries and hundreds of tailor shops.

A travel forum run by U.S. magazine USA Today described Hoi An two years ago as one of the 10 most beautiful places in Southeast Asia, a place where one can find “tranquility and timelessness.”

The town, where motorbikes and cars are banned from the center, received 3.22 million visitors in 2017, up 22 percent from the previous year and including 1.78 million foreigners.

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