Top Vietnamese designer marks 10 years with glitzy show

By Y Ly    January 9, 2019 | 05:36 am PT
Designer Ly Qui Khanh celebrated his tenth year in the business by ‘celebrating the free, modern woman's beauty.’ 
The fashion show Feminism took place on January 8. Photo by Kieng Can 

The fashion show "Feminism" took place on Tuesday. Photo by Kieng Can 

Called "Feminism – The beauty of freedom," the fashion show "Feminism" took place in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday night. Its collection included 20 ready-to-wear designs showcased by top models.

Khanh said the collection was inspired by the beauty of independent modern woman.

A model in the show. Photo by Kieng Can

 A model wears a transparent gown at the show. Photo by Kieng Can

"Freedom is the immortal beauty of women. The freer they are in their thought, vivacious in their perception of beauty, honest with their own desires, and the more control they have over their life, the more glorious they become," said Khanh.

Ly Qui Khanh (R) walked with the models in his show Feminism. Photo by Kieng Can 

Khanh (R) with the models who presented his "Feminism" collection. Photo by Kieng Can

With this collection, Khanh said he sought to present the idea of a brave, liberal and honest urban woman, using a variety of designs, colors and materials.

Khanh was born in a family with business background. He switched from architecture to follow his passion for fashion, and became a designer in 2010.

Some ready-to-wear designs in the show. Photo by Kieng Can 

Some ready-to-wear designs presented in the show. Photo by Kieng Can

Besides feminine details like floral patterns, Khanh also showed the edgy side of women with straight forms.

Khanh's name became popular in fashion business in 2015, when his collection "The Last Petal" was chosen to join an event in the New York Fashion Week in the U.S. 

The same year, his design for model Tran Ngoc Lan Khue in the Miss World Competition won the World Designer Award and "Best evening gown" by Global Beauties, an online news and analysis resource for global beauty pageants.

Some costumes have cut-out details. Photo by Kieng Can 

Two costumes in Khanh’s latest collection. Photo by Kieng Can

In his latest show, Khanh has designed daily dresses including shirts, cocktail dress, suits, culottes with safe cuts. 

Throughout his career, Khanh has been widely known for one-piece dress designs that embrace body curves. This time, he has experimented with a mix-and-match style that has several items for each costume.

The costumes in the collection are made of various garments. Photo by Kieng Can 

Multiple garments make up a dress in Khanh’s latest collection. Photo by Kieng Can

The colors used in the collection vary from warm to cool tones. The costumes combine different garments, namely chiffon, dad, velvet, silk, fur.

A costume in the show. Photo by Kieng Can 

Another dress in the collection. Photo by Kieng Can

Many of the costumes had embroidered and attached details, showing Khanh’s strength with these details.

Tran Ngoc Lan Khue, a Vietnamese model, was walking in the show. Photo by Kieng Can 

Tran Ngoc Lan Khue, a Vietnamese model, presents one of Khanh's latest collection. Photo by Kieng Can

The collection is a kind of breakthrough for Khanh, since this is the first time the designer has done ready-to-wear clothes.

Khanh was born in 1988 in Saigon. In 2011, he first appeared in public with his "Antique Passion" collection at the Dep Fashion Show 10. The designs were influenced by European classical art, which Khanh has pursued throughout his fashion career.

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