Squalid Da Lat hovel gets glamorous makeover, becomes homestay

By Moc Mien   August 16, 2018 | 11:26 pm PT
Five young men have transformed a filthy house that had been filled with trash in Da Lat into a magnificent homestay.
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An elder scavenging worker used to live in this scrap house on Sao Nam Street in the Central Highlands city of Da Lat. Trinh Cong Duc, 24, and four other friends decided to sign a five years lending contract in August last year to renovate it. Duc shared that he quit his normal job in Saigon and moved to Da Lat in 2016 because he wants to settle down in this city.

From constructing, installing plumber system to paiting the house, the group completed everything by themselves. We completed the house later than expected schedule since none of us know how to know how about contruscting, architecture, or even carpentry, Duc said. Sometimes, we have to rebuild certain parts of the house.

From building to plumbing to painting, the five did everything themselves. "We completed the house later than expected since none of us knew construction, architecture or even carpentry," Duc said. "Sometimes we had to rebuild certain portions."

There house is surrounded with wood fence. The space in front is divided into small flower boxes and a sitting area is placed under the tree. Duc shared the whole rennovation process cost about $8,600. 

The house now has a wooden fence. The space in front is divided into flower beds and has a seating area under a tree. Duc said the renovation cost around $8,600.

The pool is the only part of the house that the group sought help from a neighbor.

Duc said the pool was the only thing for which the quintet sought help from a neighbor. They had expected to finish the work in one and a half months but it took them nearly a year. It was finally completed last May.

The homestay perfectly located to capture beautiful scenery of Da Lat City.

The homestay is in the perfect location to capture the beautiful scenery of Da Lat.

The house has four rooms - One double bed and three single bed. Simple decoration still gives a modern feel to it.

The house has four rooms, one with a double bed and three with single beds. Though simply decorated, it still has a modern ambience.

In the future, the group plans to rennovate another house and open a coffee shop. 

In future the group plans to renovate another house and open a coffee shop there.

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