Record-holding cats missing, feared dead after fire

By AFP   November 13, 2017 | 05:47 pm PT
The owners are still holding out hope that they might have escaped in time. 

The world's tallest cat and a fellow feline whose tail was the longest ever recorded were both feared dead Monday after a fire destroyed their owners' home in the United States.

Cygnus, a Maine Coon cat with a shimmering 17.5 inch (44.5 centimeters) tail, and his giant housemate Arcturus have been missing since Sunday morning's fire in a suburb of Detroit.

Their owners Will and Lauren Powers have asked neighbors to look out for the pair and are still holding out hope that they might have escaped in time, but fear the worst.

"We have lost literally everything. The house is gone," Will Powers wrote in a Facebook post.

"I tried to save the cats but couldn't find them before I was overcome with smoke. We are nearly sure all perished."

Cygnus and Arcturus -- a two-year-old Savannah cat measuring 20.1 inches (53.6 cm) -- became celebrities after being recognized by Guinness World Records.

The Powers run a cat shelter in Detroit and have set up a fundraising page in the name of Cygnus and Arcturus -- which has so far raised more than $2,500. 

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