Real-life ninjas: Vietnamese SWAT team shocks world with wall-climbing video

By VnExpress   March 9, 2017 | 02:13 am PT
All you need to climb three storeys is a bamboo stick, two comrades and ninja skills. 

So ninjas really do exist.

A video of Vietnamese police officers scaling a building with just a thin pole has gone viral over the past week and left almost everyone in awe.

In the jaw-dropping footage, members of a tactical team climb a high wall with just a bamboo pole.

Scientists and journalists have been debating the physics of the feat.

Wired even came up with this diagram trying to make sense of the extraordinary act which is apparently a lot more complicated than the act itself.


Graphic by Wired

If you haven’t watched the video, prepare to be amazed.

And maybe Trump needs to know about this before he starts building his walls.

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