5 reasons not to beat yourself up on year end

By Vi Vu   December 30, 2017 | 05:58 pm PT
So you have not achieved what you hoped for, and you may be counting down to 2018 all alone, but that’s alright.

The new year is coming in hours and this moment of transition usually triggers a lot of emotions and thoughts.

People look back at their fun and sorrow of the past year, of losses and goodbyes, of promotions and career jumps. And before coming to the exciting part of making resolutions for the new year, many of us would beat ourselves up about all the targets that we have failed to reach, promises unfulfilled, vows broken or vacations not taken.

But for better or worse, things keep changing, and there are at least five reasons you should not sit there and hate yourself for certain throwbacks.

1. You are reading this

This means you are still alive, breathing, having healthy eyes, and the internet, which puts you in a better place than at least half of the people on this planet.

And if you are here, you probably care about giving yourself a little more love, and that is all it takes to keep up dreams and move forward.

2. You need a break

It’s true we usually talk about running for success, grabbing opportunities, and standing by your principles. But if you have tried and failed, just give it some time. Maybe it’s time to just chill and relax, make your bed, wash your hair and have good sex.

3. The next year can be better

2017 has been an eventful year. Deadly attacks. Huriccanes. Genocide. The rise of far-right leaders. Your horrible bosses. The list goes on.

But nothing stays the same. This year we had #MeToo, so who knows what else could happen when a community speaks up together: Donald Trump quitting Twitter? Saigon traffic becoming less crazy? Or maybe you will have a whole more supportive workplace!

4. Self-criticism is not part of “holiday” definition

The working year has come to an end and self-criticism stops here. Fireworks will not wait and bars are opening for loud cheers.

5. The Star Wars movie is still in theaters

If you are not much a fan of the crowds, watching “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” for the second time is totally a great way to say goodbye to 2017.

May the Force be with you all.

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