Da Nang stays up in extravaganza with street carnival

By Nguyen Dong   May 6, 2017 | 01:04 pm GMT+7
Local and foreign artists parade the streets on Friday night as part of a festive summer.

Carriages carrying the organizers and artists from eight countries competing in the ongoing fireworks festival march through the city’s downtown on Friday night. The street carnival will go on every Friday night until the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2017 ends on June 24. It is also scheduled for Saturday nights when the fireworks shows are off. 


The carriage of the Vietnamese team. The fireworks festival opened by the Han River on April 30, gathering artists from Sweden, Japan, China, the U.K., Austria and Italy.


Artists from the U.K. dance as they move along the street.


Thousands of vehicles follow the carriages, triggering heavy traffic jams. 


Every cloud has a silver lining: Artists take advantage of the congestion to put on a show.


Artists ask local people to join them.


The parade reaches Thuan Phuoc Bridge.


Locals cheer as the artists from Japan go by.


The march ends at the park on the east side of the Dragon Bridge. The next fireworks shows are scheduled for May 20, May 27 and June 6.

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