Current affairs: Hanoians take a dip in the Red River

By Ngoc Thanh   July 21, 2017 | 12:35 am PT
The rain is pouring down anyway, so why not go for a swim? But make sure you take a lifebuoy with you.

The Red River near the foot of Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi has turned into a public swimming pool in recent days.


Safety first!


An old man with his life raft.


According to frequent swimmers, the water level this year is still around 60 centimeters lower than last year. 


A warm-up right on the river. Why not?


This man can't walk on water, but he has found a place to workout under the water. See the bottle next to him? That's a lifebuoy.


"You need to know the currents in the river to swim during rainy season to avoid getting tired,” Cuong said.


This woman has done her homework.


Hoa Binh Hydropower Dam in the eponymous province discharged water on Wednesday morning for the first time in three years following heavy downpours that left water levels nearly five meters above the limit, and raising water levels in the Red River. 

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