VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon to offer prizes worth $42,500

June 8, 2023 | 01:36 am PT
Organizers will award 102 prizes worth more than VND1 billion ( US$42,560) to runners at the VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2023.

Prizes for the full marathon are divided equally between professional athletes and amateurs. The total prize value for both categories is the same, including cash, Garmin watches and shopping vouchers from Nike.

The top award of VND35.2 million in cash and assets will be given to the male and female winners of the 42 km distance. The runners-up will each receive VND22.2 million and third-place finishers VND19.2 million.

To enter the top 3 finalists, professional athletes must not violate the tournament's general rules. Their results should be under 2 hours 45 minutes for men and under 3 hours 10 minutes for women.

This year, the full marathon will apply new rules for international athletes. Foreign runners with a previous record of less than 2 hours 30 minutes for men and under 2 hours 50 minutes for women will be considered as professional athletes.

The top 3 half marathon finalists will receive prizes worth VND25.2 million, VND17 million and VND12 million.

With the age category, runners applying for the full and half marathon will be divided into groups by age, such as: under 30, from 31 to 39, from 40 to 49, from 50 to 59, and from 60 and above. The top 3 half marathon finalists and the top 5 full marathon finalists will receive prizes.

The top 3 finishers in the 10 km distance will receive prizes worth VND9 million, VND7 million and VND5.5 million. The top 3 finishers in the 5 km distance will receive VND8 million, VND6 million and VND4 million.

Winners of the half marathon (21 km) at the 2022 VnExpress Sparkling Marathon Quy Nhon. Photo courtesy of VM

Winners of the half marathon (21 km) at the VnExpress Sparkling Marathon Quy Nhon 2022. Photo courtesy of VM

In addition to the prizes, organizers also provide runners with race kits that include more than 10 items each.

Beside the shirt, hat, Bib, the bag also includes gloves, Bib belt, sunscreen, body lotion, food and energy gel for those competing in the two longest distances. All finishers will also receive a medal.

VnExpress Marathon Sparkling Quy Nhon 2023 will take place on June 11. The 42 km distance runners will start at 3 a.m., 21 and 10 km at 4:30 a.m. and 5 km at 4:45 a.m.

This year's track has not changed much compared to 2022 but improved in utility. In particular, for the first time, a continuous chain of utilities including water stations, medical stations, and toilets was installed with high density.

The tournament also uses a completely new navigational and signpost system, designed to help athletes have clear sight in different running conditions.

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