VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon registration now open

November 8, 2020 | 05:25 pm PT
Participants for the next VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon are able to register from 9 a.m. Monday, with Super Early Bird tickets priced from VND250,000 ($10.80) plus incentives.

Entry tickets (BIBs) prices for entering VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2021 are unchanged from this year. Participants can buy BIBs for individuals or groups.

BIB for Super Early Birds will be availab,e for a week, until November 16. Prices range from VND250,000 for the 5 km distance and VND750,000 for the 42 km distance.

Tickets (in VND) Super Early Bird (Nov 9-16) Early Bird (Nov 17 - Dec 28) Regular (Dec 12, 2020 - Apr 14, 2021) Late (Apr 15 - May 6, 2021)
5km 250,000 300,000 400,000 500,000
10km 500,000 650,000 800,000 1,000,000
21km 600,000 750,000 950,000 1,200,000
42km 750,000 900,000 1,100,000 1,300,000

The organizers offer incentives for those who have participated in earlier editions of the tournament, based on registration emails from previous years. Runners registering for the second time will receive 20 percent off BIB price, and 30 percent off for the third time. This promotion applies directly to all distances, ticket classes from now until the registration closes on May 6, 2021.

For large group of runners, VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon offers discount of 10 percent for groups of 10-29 people, 15 percent for groups of 30- 49, 20 percent for groups of 50-100 and 25 percent for groups of over 100. The team leader is given a BIB and an airline ticket. The promotion is applied according to the ticket price sold at each different period.

The participants and their relatives are also supported with transportation and accommodation during the tournament.

Runners at VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon on July 26, 2020.

Runners at VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon on July 26, 2020.

After two successful years, VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon has become one of the biggest sporting events in Binh Dinh, attracting thousands of participants including families and friends gathering in the coastal city of Quy Nhon in south central Vietnam, also a tourism hotspot.

Not only attracting amateurs, VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon is also gathering top professional runners in Vietnam thanks to its excellent services from registration, reception, distribution of BIB to support on the race.

VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon's running track achieved international certification by IAAF (World Athletics Federation), AIMS (International Marathon Association). Therefore, the VM Quy Nhon’s results can be used to register for major, world-class marathon events such as the Boston Marathon. The tournament is co-organized annually by VnExpress and Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee for five years.

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