VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang 2023 reveals shirt designs

By Kieu Mien   June 28, 2023 | 12:47 am PT
The VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang 2023's shirts have vibrant colors inspired by coral reefs.

Some 11,000 runners participating in the VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang 2023 on August 13 will wear a special t-shirt or singlet. The designs use distinctive hot colors purple, red, orange, and pink. The prominent motifs simulate the fleet of boats following the sea, creating an eye-catching feeling of movement.

Singlet version for athletes participating in the tournament. Photo courtesy of VM.

Singlet version for athletes participating in VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang 2023. Photo courtesy of VM

The Organizing Committee launched the outfit collection in cooperation with Xtep, an international sportswear brand that often sponsors marathons in China. These products are made from 100% high-quality polyester fiber with a woven texture that helps to dry quickly. Xtep's running shirt is soft, relaxed, and skin-friendly, giving runners a good experience during competition and training.

The shirt model awaited by half marathon and full marathon runners has a different tone. The design team chose the herringbone pattern, which evokes a strong feeling, exuding personality, and uniqueness. The finisher shirt for the distance of 21km uses a deep blue and black color, while the full marathon runners have a youthful purple-pink shirt.

Finisher shirt for full marathon runners who have a valid finish result. Photo courtesy of VM.

The finisher shirt for VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang 2023 full marathon runners. Photo courtesy of VM

"Nha Trang possesses many rare marine ecosystems. We hope that each runner wearing this shirt will be an ambassador, spreading the beauty of the ocean, raising awareness of marine conservation," the organizer said.

The pacer shirt is transparent navy blue, making it easy for the runners to spot along the track.

VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang 2023 is being organized by VnExpress and Khanh Hoa People's Committee. It is deemed one of the most attractive races in the VnExpress Marathon system, taking place in the late summer weather. The running track meets AIMS standards and has a variety of terrain and landscapes, bringing various experiences for runners.

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