Vietnamese cueist wins world virtual tournament

By Hoang Nguyen   September 19, 2020 | 12:55 am PT
Vietnamese cueist wins world virtual tournament
Ngo Dinh Nai at the UMB Virtual One Carom Challenge. Photo courtesy of Ngo Dinh Nai.
Ngo Dinh Nai was crowned champion of 3-cushion tournament UMB Virtual One Carom Challenge on Friday.

He beat number one seeded Belgian Roland Forthomme in an intense final. Nai (25th in the world) and Forthomme (20th) went back and forth, the latter scoring seven consecutive points to lead 14-8, before extending the gap to 21-12. In answer, Nai scored eight points to total 20, while Forthomme stood on 24.

In his 10th round, Nai scored another eight points in a crucial shot to make it 39-33. Forthomme later scored another seven to push the score to 42-43. Next, Nai missed scoring a title-clinching seven points, but capitalized on Forthomme’s mistakes to win 50-46 after 17 rounds.

As tournament champion, Nai won €2,000 ($2,367), a sweet revenge for losing to Forthomme in the group stage.

The UMB Virtual One Carom Challenge is hosted from September 14 to 18. This is the third challenge this year. Two players use their home or club table and play a virtual match to 50 points, every inning starting with the break shot.

Previously, Ma Minh Cam and teammates finished first at the Professional Billiards Association (PBA) Team League 2020-2021, which wrapped up in South Korea on Monday.

Watch the full final of UMB Virtual One Carom Challenge:

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