Vietnamese basketball supervisor, referees receive int'l certification

By Hoang Nguyen   September 6, 2021 | 04:42 pm PT
Vietnamese basketball supervisor, referees receive int'l certification
Le Viet Duc, the supervisor of VBF, ABL and FIBA. Photo by Vietnam Basketball Association
International Basketball Federation FIBA has granted international certifications to a supervisor and two referees in Vietnam.

Le Viet Duc, supervisor and deputy general secretary of Vietnam Basketball Federation (VBF), supervisor of national basketball league VBA since 2017, supervisor of Asian Basketball League during 2017-2020 and FIBA during 2017-2021, past the FIBA examination. He will be recognized as an international basketball supervisor from 2021-2023. This is the third time Duc has earned the title.

Trieu Chi Thanh and Le Duc Anh will become FIBA referees from 2021-2023. The two are familiar faces in domestic basketball tournaments, especially VBA. This is Anh’s first time as a FIBA referee, while it's Thanh’s second.

To get the FIBA certification, Duc, Thanh and Anh must attend a course and test held every two years for supervisors and referees. The course will focus on four criteria - discipline, professional ethics and competence, physical health and fluency in English.

This is good news for Vietnamese basketball, especially after VBA 2021 was canceled last month amid the complex Covid situation in the country.

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