Vietnam volleyball teams descend in world ranking

By Hoang Nguyen   July 1, 2020 | 07:02 pm PT
Vietnam volleyball teams descend in world ranking
The Vietnam women's volleyball team at ASEAN Grand Prix in September 2019. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Volleyball Federation.
In the July update of volleyball world rankings, Vietnam women's team dropped 40 places and the men’s team 26.

The women's team moved from 36th to 76th, after losing 50 points for not playing any matches counting towards the world ranking since last year.

The last time the Vietnam women’s volleyball team was active was during SEA Games 30 where they won silver after losing 0-3 to Thailand in the final last December. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, the team has decided not to take part in any international tournament.

With 62 points left, Vietnam also stumbled in Southeast Asia rankings. Before the update, it was only behind Thailand in the region but the second position has since been taken by Indonesia, pushing Vietnam to third. In Asia, they also fell from ninth to 15th.

China peaked at the top of the ranking, followed by the U.S. and Brazil.

The men’s side dipped from 65th to 91st with 57 points, the same as another 15 teams. They also lost 50 points for not playing any international matches over a long period. In Southeast Asia, the team shared third spot with Myanmar, behind Indonesia and Thailand. In Asia, they dropped from 11th to 18th.

At SEA Games 30, the men’s team lost all of their group stage games to Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia, bidding the tournament an early goodbye.

The top three men’s teams remained the same, with Brazil on top, and the U.S. and Poland switching places.

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