Team Flash wins national Arena of Valor championship

By Hoang Nguyen   May 10, 2021 | 04:24 pm GMT+7
Team Flash wins national Arena of Valor championship
Team Flash wins Arena of Glory Spring on May 9, 2021. Photo courtesy of Arena of Glory.
With a victory over Saigon Phantom in the final, Team Flash was crowned champions of Arena of Glory Spring 2021.

Games between Team Flash and Saigon Phantom are always considered classic matches, considering the rivalry between both teams in past Arena of Valor tournaments. However, in the grand finale of Arena of Glory Spring 2021 on Sunday, there was no intensity or back and forth between the two teams. Instead, it was a dominated 4-0 victory for Team Flash.

Before the final, Saigon Phantom was said to have the edge with a great performance in the group stage and playoff, while Team Flash struggled on their journey to the final.

However, the game went against expectations and predictions of both fans and experts. Team Flash entered the game with confidence. They put out all of their strongest cards in the final, affording Saigon Phantom an overwhelming surprise. In all matches of the final, Team Flash dominated the opponent by their well-executed tactics and high speed.

The 4-0 victory returned Team Flash to glory after a disappointing season last year. This is their fifth Arena of Glory title, a national record.

Team Flash was also awarded VND900 million ($39,300) for the title, plus VND100 million from the sponsor while Saigon Phantom got VND450 million.

As the most valuable of the season, ADC from Team Flash was named Player of the Season and won VND100 million.

After Arena of Glory Spring 2021, Team Flash and Saigon Phantom will compete in Arena of Valor World Cup 2021 this summer.

Arena of Glory Spring 2021 is the 10th season of the Arena of Glory, the Vietnamese professional league of Arena of Valor. With a prize pool of VND3.05 billion, it is the esports tournament with the highest prize tally in Vietnam.

Arena of Valor is a popular 3D, multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. Players compete in matches that last 12-18 minutes on average.

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