South Korean channel airs report on coach Park’s Vietnamese protégé

By Le Khanh   April 4, 2019 | 01:01 am PT
South Korean channel airs report on coach Park’s Vietnamese protégé
A screenshot from KBS Sports feature shows Nguyen Cong Phuong smile during an interview.
Nguyen Cong Phuong is adjusting well to life in South Korea despite hitches, says 10-minute report aired by KBS Sports channel.

Phuong, a member of Vietnam’s national team who was drafted by South Korea’s Incheon United club in February, is determined to succeed with his new team, said the report aired last Monday.

It said Phuong was a sociable person with a personality that helps him adapt well to the new environment. He is comfortable playing games, chatting and hanging out with his teammates.

"I have played at the club for three years already, but he is even loved more than me," says midfielder Kim Jin-ya, Phuong’s teammate.

The Vietnamese player himself is optimistic and determined to play well in the Korean league.

"Incheon United is a strong team in South Korea and also in Asia. I always believed that I can afford to play football here. But I know it is impossible to play well right after one or two matches. I need time to integrate with the team," Phuong said.

Phuong also mentioned off-pitch difficulties like cultural differences, food and climate.

The video shows the 25-year-old striker having trouble getting to the training ground in a taxi with a message his Korean teammate has prepared for him.

He said some people in South Korea recognized him. "They do not recognize me, they recognize me as a student of Park Hang-seo," Phuong said, laughing, referring to the  beloved South Korean coach of the Vietnamese national team.

The outstanding success of coach Park in Vietnam has prompted the South Korean media to pay attention to his wards.

In 2016, Phuong played for Japan’s Mito Hollyhock club in the J-League 2 under a one-year loan. It was the first time he was playing for a foreign club, but it wasn’t a good transfer as he was benched often.

This is his second chance playing abroad, and he has only two things in mind: trying his best and succeeding.

The report ends with a highlight from Phuong’s first match at K-League 1. Although he was sent late in the last minute, the young player still felt grateful and saw this opportunity as the first step to achieving his goal.

Phuong played his first 90-minute match for Incheon on Wednesday. Though his team lost 0-3 to Daegu, the number 23 put in an impressive performance and was praised by his head coach.

He has also earned praise from other South Korean commentators and is set to make his mark at Incheon United in particular and K League 1 in general.

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